Green Living Technologies Int. is proud to provide urban agriculture through GLTi Food Factories and Patented Edible Wall Technology. GLTi  is a pioneer in “zero miles” from farm to table with indoor and outdoor edible walls for growing fresh fruits and vegetables in urban environments, indoors and utilizing parking lots without having to build raised beds or breaking ground. The perfected GLTi Mobile Edible Wall has advance urban food production and elevated edible wall technology to new levels. GLTi Mobile Edible Wall Units are ideal to take advantage of back yards, vacant lots, buildings or enclosed areas in the urban environment to produce healthy and nutritious supplies of raw food.

The GLTi Mobile Edible Walls are mounted on wheels so it can be relocated to maximize the exposure to the sun throughout the year and configured to fit odd-shaped areas. This also allows for use in parking areas, brownfield sites and temporary farming solutions. Utilize abandon parking areas and move your farm as needed!

Two irrigation options complete the easy to use vertical farms, manual irrigation is accomplished by adding water to the drip reservoir at the top of the unit or optional metered and automatic  irrigation is available for larger commercial growers.

Additionally, the frame can be situated indoors during the winter months to provide a year round growing experience complete with energy saving LED Grow Lights that support both leafy greens and flowering specifically designed for the commercial and educational indoor application allowing food production throughout the year. By utilizing our GLTi Green Wall bioSoil  to populate your panels, you can grow amazing produce without the need for any chemical fertilizers or synthetic additives.

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  1. admin dice:

    Hello, Sebastien, here my answers:

    1. containers: ok all types of containers, but large enough for the plants you are going to plant.

    2. Vegetables for pots: eggplant, Swiss chard, celery ribbed, cabbage, cucumber, zucchini, green beans, peas, peppers. for crops in pots better to choose the variety of small size, such as carrots whit short roots. To combine some plants togheter in a pot you should follow the simple but effective rules of companion planting.

    3. Soil: The soil for pot must have a neutral ph, no particularly acidic unless you want to grow acidophilic plants such as camellias and azaleas. It must be light, then composed of peat, pumice and compost combined in proper proportions to avoid waterlogging damaging the roots.

    4. Out of pot tomatoes: you can also make crops off the ground with the only support of water and guardians to hold the plants grown. We are talking about cultivation techniques more refined than the traditional ones, such as hydroponics.

    1. Contenitori: ogni tipo di contenitori, purchè piuttosto capienti per le piante che si dovranno porre a dimora

    2. Ortaggi per i vasi: melanzana, bietola, sedano da coste, cavolo cappuccio, cetriolo, zucchina, fagiolino verde, pisello, peperone. Per le coltivazioni in vaso scegli le varietà di dimensioni ridotte, come ad esempio le carote a radice corta. Per mettere insieme alcune piante negli stessi vasi è opportuno seguire le regole semplici ma efficaci del companion planting.

    3. Terriccio: il terriccio da vaso deve avere un ph neutro, non particolarmente acido, a meno che non si vogliano coltivare piante acidofile come camelie e azalee. Deve essere leggero, quindi composto da torba, pomice e compost combinati nelle giuste proporzioni per evitare ristagni idrici dannosi alle radici.

    4. Pomodori fuori vaso: è possibile fare anche coltivazioni fuori suolo con il supporto di sola acqua e di tutori per sorreggere le piante coltivate. Stiamo parlando di tecniche di coltivazione più raffinate rispetto a quelle tradizionali, come ad esempio le colture idroponiche.

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