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Urban orchards and horticulture

I realize and take care of orchards on any dimension and kind, small urban orchards and bigger areas designed to horticulture, which will present  you their fruits in each season.

An orchards of only 4 square meters is able to produce a quantity of vegetables sufficient for a person or a couple. My projects of orchard – garden combines the aesthetic beauty   of the ornamental garden with  the productivity of  the edible garden. It is possible to realize and plant an orchard in free spaces of the yard or on the flat roof of low buildings , besides the windowsill of the window of your kitchen.

The transformation of urban cement surfaces into urban orchards, improves life quality of the inhabitants not only for the environmental but also for the social  structure.  Infact, the orchard, besides to  enrich and   bring  out the spaces of the underused courtyards, allows to improve the quality of the air, by creating areas of reoxigenation and, when it is realized on flat roofs, protects them from temperature range by insulating the places  below and highly contributing to energy savings.

The orchard also allows to recycle the most quantity of domestic organic waste, which can be converted  into compounds or used as natural fertilizers for the land. An orchard grown and repead  by the inhabitants of a same quarter encourages social relations, exchange among persons of different generations and different cultures,  encourages the carrying out of an healthy and cheap physical activity, allows to increase the volume of fresh food available for the inhabitants and re-educates to the consumption and preparation of biological vegetables of certain origin at zero kilometre.

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