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Trees and arboriculture

How to choose an arborist

An arborist is a specialist in the care of the tree. The arborist knows the necessity of a tree and is able and equipped to provide the necessary care. Poorly managed trees can be a big responsibility. Prune or cut down a tree, especially if large, it is a dangerous job. The work on the trees must be done by people trained and equipped to work safely. View the document on how to choose an arborist

Pruning a young tree

Proper pruning is essential for the development of a strong and beautiful tree . The young trees  which are properly pruned will require, in the future , smaller corrective actions. View the document on how to prune a young tree

Prune mature trees

Pruning is one of the most common interventions on tree care. Although the trees in the forest grow well without human intervention, trees in urban environments require a high level of care to ensure the safety and beauty. Pruning should be done by knowing what will be the response of the tree to each cut. Pruning which have been badly carried out can cause serious damage that undermines health and reduce the life expectancy of the tree. View the document on how to prune mature trees

Pruning: where to cut ?

The trees are capable of a sort of ” auto-pruning “: in fact, they have their own structures and mechanisms able to isolate the useless branches, blocking possible invasions of pathogenic agents coming from the infection of the dead wood. View the document “Pruning: where to cut ?”

Recognizing the dangerous trees

The trees give significant benefits to us and to our city, but a tree or a large branch may fall and injure someone or damage things  and assets. Taking care of the trees makes your property safer and prolongs the life of the trees themselves. View the document “Recognizing the dangerous trees”

The value of trees

Everyone knows that trees and all other plants have an aesthetic value but few people know that, in addition to embellish the environment and the landscape, the plants purify the air, they act as noise and visual barriers, produce oxygen, reduce carbon dioxide, capture dust, particulates and PM10 and help us save energy through their refreshing power in summer and protection from cold winds in winter. View the document on  “The value of trees”

The care of trees

Think of tree care as a profitable investment. A well-groomed tree increases its value over time, pouring it  in the value of the property, beautifying the landscape, purifying the air , saving energy by providing cooling shade in the summer heat or protection from winter winds. View the document “tree care”

Because topping is harmful

Topping is the most damaging technique of pruning the trees, and yet, despite more than 30 years of literature and seminars explaining its harmful effects, topping remains a common practice. This brochure explains why topping is not an acceptable pruning technique and offers the best alternative techniques. View the document on topping

The trees on construction sites

The activities that take place on a construction site can be devastating for the trees within the area of work and also for those in the immediate vicinity. A few simple precautions can save your trees. View the document “trees on construction sites”

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