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Lawn grass and synthetic lawns

Lawn grass

Many factors affect the choice  and the laying of different mixes  of seeds for turf (such as  Agrostys, Cynodon, Paspalum, Festuca and  Lolium, with graminaceous plants or not )and lawn in  rolls; among  them there are the configuration of the land, the climate and the exposure (lot of sun or lot of shade, too dry or too wet), the availability of water for irrigation, the real time you can devote to its maintenance and finally its purpose: if the lawn will have a mere decorative function, or it will be intended for mixed use (games of children and dogs), or it will cover heavy traffic areas or  sports use, its  start t features will have to be very different.

Decorative synthetic lawn

The strength point of synthetic grass is in the time required for its maintenance, which reduces drastically if carried out by professionals. The synthetic lawn is an excellent product to be used in residential and commercial places, both outside and inside.
Easy  to install, the synthetic lawn of quality are the suitable and definitive solution also for “difficult” areas of the garden: the shadow areas, slopes, where the soil is less fertile, or ruined. All products are supported by a draining base, and differ  for compactness of the mantle and height , composition and colour of the  blades. They are guaranteed for aesthetics and comfort.  They are always lush and perfect to create a cozy atmosphere, ideal for porches and terraces, as well as for pools.
The synthetic lawn is ideal for decorating outside areas, to create areas and walkways, to decorate terraces, gazebos, roofs. You will always have a green lawn where normally it is not possible.

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