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Plants and green corners for interior

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I organize green areas rich of plants in the place  where every day you spent much of your time (homes, offices, shops and so on ) in order to stir up your “five” senses ; touch the leave of a plant, observe the colors of a beautiful flower,   enjoy   the subtle fragrance of its essence, listen to  the softened sounds of daily chaos …

It is important to avoid the use of the sense of  taste : it is better do not taste ornamental plants , because  they often contain toxic substances for persons and animals. 😉

To introduce green in interior spaces creates an healthier environment with a series of advantages:

  • sound reduction
  • decrease of existing dust in the air and toxic substances such as formaldehyde
  • personalization of the space
  • correct  humidification of the air in presence of air conditioning
  • attenuation  of stress and its effects
  • improvement of the  liveability of the place , with beneficial effects on creativity and productivity
  • improvement of the air you breathe, which is richer in oxygen.

In addition, with the creation of plant walls (a real “vertical garden” that can be made both inside and outside of buildings) we transform a simple wall into a refined architectural solution.

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