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Green roofing and irrigation

Irrigation system

I design and realize irrigation system for terrace and gardens, calibrated on the best amount of necessary  water  for the health  of the species, which are present in your green space.

Water is one of the fundamental elements of green: it regulates its growth but it can also result in decay. A measured management of water resources, through the use of efficient and functional irrigation systems, allows to avoid harmful and expensive waste of  resources.

Hanging gardens or “green roofs”

“Green roofs”  is   the term  for the offspring of the hanging gardens or  roof gardens , which have marked and made  memorable many urban environments in the happiest period of  the history  of  civilization and architecture,  from ancient Babylon to the present day realizations of  Patrick Blanc. Today  the environmental, (higher thermal insulation of buildings  and improving of the quality of surronding air) architectural and decorative value  of coverings finds always a greatest  number of  admirers and  conquers a greater value each day.

The green coverings can be divided into  two main types:

An extensive green, characterized by a reduced nutritional requirements and energy intake, low weight and thickness of substrates, by used vegetative species , generally consisting in Sedum, perennial plants and very durable herbaceous , and by moderate costs for installation and management;
An intensive green, often used to cover flat surfaces, characterized by a constant energy intake , more important weights and higher costs both for installation and management. The used species are perennial herbaceous, grassland, suffrutex, bushes , to include, where it is technically feasible, also trees.

The substantial differences in these two types consist in the required    contribution of energy  and in the overall costs, and also in the life cycle, which includes installation, management and eventual periodical renewals  which can greatly  vary from one  type to the other. The planning choices , therefore, well combine such diversity, mainly the vegetative layer, the growing sub-layer, the drainage layer,  as well as the water supply system, in order to define each time the solutions that better meet the requirements of the Client.

The intensive greening is used for the realization of proper  gardens on each type of  hanging surface: roofs, underground parking, garage.

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